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Life Coaching Packages

Every package begins with a free consult, which is no strings attached, but when a client chooses to move forward, they receive an agreed upon 1st invoice and sign our coaching agreement electronically. Once done, they receive an extensive questionnaire to be filled out no less than 12 hours prior to our 1st session. I take a few hours to summarize the consult, the answers to the intake questionnaire, establish your file w/additional forms, figure out a clear plan of action to be presented at our first session, and schedule our first session. 1:1 sessions are the most requested.

Our 1-hour synchronous sessions take place via Zoom (with camera on or off), phone, or text. During these sessions, we work through the plan of action to shift your internal and external worlds. I can take a laid-back approach & have you speak more or a more direct approach and point out what you may not be seeing after being IN IT for so long whatever IT is.

After each session, I provide a follow-up email outlining next steps, resources to read or view, and products to purchase as needed. You direct your own transformation as you integrate new insights and we can work on all aspects of your life like career, family, identity, chronic illness, etc. but you will quickly see these facets of life are interconnected.

I also offer 1-hour asynchronous research sessions where I research a topic of interest on your behalf and provide a summary of my results at our next synchronous session. For example, you may have a lot of anxiety about your disability or sexual identity and being unable to learn more about these topics is preventing you from moving forward. As your life coach, I can do that work for you so that you can get unstuck. And if you have specific questions that you want in-depth answers to or want to learn more about some topic, I offer 1-hour educational lectures that I record for you that you can watch on your own time. For example, I can record a lecture on how living in survival mode as a neurodivergent mom can lead to burnout and exacerbate childhood wounds.

Synchronous and asynchronous sessions are interchangeable as are on-call or on text sessions, which may come out of an email discussion, for example. If you need to cancel/reschedule your 1:1 session, do so 12 hours or more beforehand. If you cancel/reschedule your session within 12 hours, you'll receive a $50 invoice. If you do not cancel/reschedule your session& do not show up to session as scheduled, you forfeit that session and it will be marked as completed in your file.

Below, you can purchase packages A, B, or C at the standard rate & in one payment.
All other rates (whether lower or higher), discounts, and payment plans are to be discussed at our consult or via email and I will customize your invoices. I work with incredible people and am confident you too will become empowered, self-assured, and in charge of your life.  i

1:1 Session 


Package B


Package A


Package C


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