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On Witchcraft, Magic, and Spirituality

As a life coach, I see a lot of millennials and folks who are successful in their industries or going through challenges and want to kind of figure out next steps and work on their personal growth, but they're almost embarrassed to discuss their witchcraft, their magic, their multi-dimensionality, or their spiritual awakening. This is because our white and Western patriarchal world discounts those components of our lives. I really want to affirm and validate for everyone out there that suppressing your magical powers and your spiritual abilities isn't sustainable.


It is actually part of your life journey to engage with the unexplained. I'm definitely comfortable at this point in my life and would like to get you to this similar place where we can discuss credentials and professional achievements as well as talk about aliens and the spiritual world and magical powers and astrology and whatever else. It doesn't take away from my scientific backgrounds and it's not going to be something that I hide. It's not going to be something that I hide anymore, because I'm not beholden to other people's rigid approaches to life anymore. And that's real freedom and it's something I wish everybody can experience.


We care so much about how others perceive our power, expertise, our expression in the world and we should care a lot less. So if you and I work together, I'm definitely going to believe your experiences with the unexplained and the spiritual worlds. I'm going to deepen your practice if that's what you are interested in achieving. I'm going to validate your power because I think that we need to approach spiritual and life growth holistically.


Now there's a lot of work to be done to deconstruct organized religion, which many of you grew up with, and it traumatized you. There's work to be done in figuring out what religious path you'd like to take up now that you are independent and what feels authentic and true for you. But again, religion as far as organized religion is concerned and spirituality are not necessarily the same thing. But each person based on their experiences, especially their childhood experiences with the mystical and the metaphysical and the afterlife…Each person has a unique set of circumstances that shapes their belief system.



Despite possibly negative childhood experiences with the spiritual, if you want to achieve personal growth and professional growth and growth as a parent, as a neurodivergent person, as a multiply marginalized person, the spiritual is yours to embody. This world belongs to you as much as it belongs to anyone else and you are such a powerful being. I know it, lots of other people know it. You might not know it, and you might have bought into some of the ways these realms get dismissed, but it's actually something you need to integrate and incorporate into your daily life.


That's where we start working on what kind of rituals help you embody that power within you that's obviously there, but you might not be tapping into it, and what modalities get you connected right. Are you into tarot cards? Are you into nature and like, kind of talking to trees, which I do a lot because they are able to see us and hear us, are you into X Files or the movie The Craft, which is kind of how I came across witchcraft back when I was little. People make fun of us for having these interests and hobbies, but it's actually also part of healing your inner child and your inner teenager and you know, your current person.


They are dismissive, because there's quite a lot of power there and a lot of power in us resisting white, Western patriarchal standards of truth, of knowledge, of expertise, and of our own agency. It's about saying I am a witch, I am a healer, I am a multi-dimensional being that is awakening to my true potential. And so, as much as I can help you figure out the three dimensional world around us, I can also help you figure out ascension, what that means without bypassing, without spiritual gaslighting, without ignoring the 3d and without contributing to oppression.


And so, at this point, I speak directly to white folks in the wellness space. There's a lot that you need to examine in your spiritual practices so as to not reproduce oppressive structures out there as you work on your own healing. So, I hope to speak to you soon. You can book a free consult at and I am just so proud of you for whatever steps you're taking towards, you know, getting to know yourself and like bettering your life, even if we don't work together. See you soon.

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