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On Witnessing Atrocities and Pain

Updated: May 31

Hi, everyone, this is Defiant Life Coaching and I am on the floor. It’s the middle of the night and I am quite emotional. Like many of you, I've spent the last two months horrified at the images and videos coming out of occupied Palestine and the atrocities that are being committed by the state of Israel. As a life coach, I have been working with people who want to go through a personal transformation and working on a list of resources for folks who also want to address their collective experience of trauma.


Lo and behold, many providers and life coaches and healers don't have very good training when it comes to holding space for grief and how to keep going because it feels unreal to have to keep going after witnessing or experiencing ethnic cleansing. Now, my story connects to this in a very personal way, but, luckily, my background has led me to learn a variety of ways to handle incredibly difficult human experiences. Yes, I've been through trauma as a refugee kid and survived ethnic cleansing of my people and I'm triggered by events like these, but it's not about any one of our individual healing journeys. It's about how we need to witness this collectively and heal collectively as we care for others. This needs to happen regardless of superficial, artificially created concepts like borders and classification systems like race, gender, class or sexuality.


I don't have a very fleshed out model on how to heal collectively. But I think it's important to state that what we're witnessing is important. Our reactions to this are normal and should be given space. It's one of the only real things we feel in a world full of lies. So even if people around you aren't sounding the alarm and aren't where you're at, whether it be about COVID, climate justice, police brutality, settler colonialism, the war machine that the West makes its profits on or other forms of injustice, your acknowledging, learning, doing what you're able to do, feeling the pain and the grief, being horrified at what you're seeing…that is important. On the other side, they have money and political power and propaganda machines to make you feel like you're crazy, but these sensations that many of my clients and friends and loved ones are experiencing are not what makes us crazy. There's also nothing wrong with being crazy in a profoundly sick world.


I wanted to also talk about spiritual journeys, awakening, multi-dimensional experiences of growth. Some of this connects to that too, because feeling grief in a connected, collective way is our recognizing that we are all, one source, all divine and that's a journey that

folks are gaslighting you about, right? They're gaslighting you about caring. In a patriarchal world especially, caring is seen as a weakness, but it is a major strength. We need a serious reeducation, a lot of courage and the acknowledgement that we are complicit and cannot divorce ourselves from what's taking place. And so that's all I'll say for now on the spiritual aspect and I thank you for reading. If you want to talk about collective grief and witnessing of atrocities and pain with a coach who will not gaslight you, book a free consult to see if we are a good fit here.

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