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When To Seek a Life Coach

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Hi everyone, this is Defiant Life Coaching. I'm an autistic life coach and I work primarily with neurodivergent, LGBTQ, and marginalized people. Last time, I introduced you to the space where we would do a lot of our work and talked a little bit about my approach to helping you transform your life. This week, I thought I would reflect back on a few years back in my life and explain why someone might seek out life coaching in the first place.


Back in 2021, of course, this is year two of the pandemic, a lot of different rugs were pulled from under me. There were triggering issues coming up with my job which from which I got fired, okay? In retrospect, that was one of the biggest blessings of my life. There were triggering issues coming up around my relationship with my wife and other people that I was dating. There were triggering issues coming up around my children and my motherhood and the way I approached that. At the time, I was not aware that I was autistic and was having daily meltdowns. There were triggering issues coming up around my spiritual work. I've always been into witchcraft throughout my life and kind of gotten on and off the path to work with my magic and my abilities and my gifts, but when it comes to a certain spiritual awakening, you know, it's been many years coming. So that year, when everything else was falling apart during my darkest hour, or as we call it in the New Age movements, the dark night of the soul, I shifted and had visions and began an important exploration of my spiritual path.


So that was the year when absolutely everything fell apart and that is actually the most fertile ground you can stand on for growth and figuring out this new version of yourself. I reached out to a life coach relatively quickly after that. I knew that I needed support because we all do when we are facing multiple crises. We need a variety of people to help us spread the weight of what healing feels like. And healing feels like dying a lot and being born, dying and being reborn just kind of over and over, which is really the entire point.


And it's so important to find a life coach that is the correct fit for you. And you'll know it energetically, intuitively, just in general, which people you click with and which people you don't. I was so lucky to click with mine and I worked with her for half a year and then moved on. And then later on after I self-diagnosed my autism and kind of came to face that I'm disabled in multiple ways, I reached out to an autistic life coach and that was truly the best fit for me. Because I never worked with anyone autistic, I didn't realize what I was missing. And as I was coming into my own understanding of my neurodivergence and other disabilities, meeting her was serendipitous and really meant to be.


So whether you work with me or with somebody else, I think there should absolutely be alignment in terms of where that person has been and where you are trying to go. It's not like any of us are these, like incredibly wise teachers, although all of us are gifted and wise, but it's just about having traveled those paths before and being able to say, here's what happened, and here's what might happen. And I always say it's been incredible for me to meet with so many of you to hear of your paths and to know your strength and perseverance even as everything is falling apart. So if you feel like so much is changing, I really hope you reach out to people in your community, or to therapists, or to a life coach or to me because you don't have to walk any of those changes alone.


And I'm very, very proud of anyone making a free consult, to meet with folks to meet with different providers and professionals and healers and whatnot. Because that step is often the hardest. So I look forward to meeting with you. I wish you healing. I affirm your strength and your power. Your magical gifts. Please check out the rest of the blog, the rest of the website. Sign up for my newsletter. Follow me all over social media at Defiant Life Coaching and book your free consult so that we can see if we are the correct fit for one another.

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